Review: Jawbone Up24

Jawbone Up24

Hi there! Welcome to Domestically Imperfect!! If you like what you see then you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Way back in January my kid sister called me, bragging that she’d just purchased this awesome new pedometer that tracked her sleep,  would wirelessly sync with her iPhone and had the […]

How I went 24 Hours Without Complaining

How I went 24 hours without complaining

Awhile back I was surfing Pinterest (as I often do) during church. (Before you point your fingers and roll your eyes – I sit through every church service my church offers, and I pay attention closely during the first two, the last? I am often checking my email, and occasionally scrolling through pinterest. This blog […]

Last ten photos in my photostream


Since I am slowly getting back into blogging after a few chaotic months? I figured a fun way to jump in and also kill time while I am on jury duty would be a silly post! So, here we go! The last ten photos on my iPhone photostream! (Non-edited photos, simply uploaded straight from my […]

The Contentment Challenge

Colossians 3:23

I have been struggling a lot lately, with various aspects of my life. It feels like I have zero motivation, and when I do find the motivation I just can’t seem to figure out where to start. During the sermon a few weeks ago, my pastor talked about this very thing and so I spent […]

Plum Paper Planner – 4 Months In

Planner Cover

Back in January I reviewed the Plum Paper Planner! And now that I’ve used it for a few months, I thought I’d go back and review it again! (Because I’m a total dork and spent HOURS AND HOURS watching youtube videos and reading blog reviews of other planners! It’s always fascinating to see how other […]

Third Wheels, Tagalongs and High School Crushes


**WARNING ** This will NOT be uplifting. There is not a wonderful moral at the end of this story. And I will not make you feel warm and fuzzy today. So if you’re looking for that? Sorry, you’re going to have to go elsewhere.  I’ve spent a lot of my life being the third wheel. […]

Playing Hockey One-Handed


Last September, hockey mania hit our house in a big way. It started when Scribber’s friend told us about a FREE month of hockey at the local ice arena – FREE? I’m always game! So we signed up, along with her little friend, and spent September at the ice arena. Scribber had never been on […]

Happy Flu Year

Happy Flu Year

The Trucker went back to work on the 28th, and just my luck? I woke up that morning with a slight cough, but didn’t think anything of it. Of course, seeing that he left? By 7pm? I was in bed, unable to move. I had the chills, I had a hideous fever, I ached. I […]

2014 Word of the Year: Discipline

2014 Word - Discipline

I’m sure you’ve seen the “Word of the Year” alternative to New Years Resolutions if you lurk around the web much. I watched a lot of people in the blog-o-sphere set their own words last year, and debated a bit if I wanted a word for myself. Ultimately, I decided against it. I made my […]

2014 Blog Goals

2014 Blog Goals

Having just started this blog in November of 2013, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with less than 50 days left in the year, but for 2014 I think some goals are in order! I’ve learned the hard way (with my other blog) that the best way to measure your goals is to find […]